The MIA Method

Muscle Integration and Alignment


*Pain relief! Mobility! Stability!

*Accessing proper muscles for activation and firing.

*Longevity of joints and preservation of the skeletal system.

*Relief to the nervous system by taking pressure off of the joints, freeing the nerves and creating new neural pathways.

Every Unique Body

Every body has a story to tell. In all stages of life, we are forming habits that are supporting or collapsing our posture. How we grew up sitting, how we sleep at night or work during the day to injuries, accidents, and aging. All of these components set patterns in our body’s system that steer us away from proper posture, causing pain, ineffective training, and poor habits. For each body, a different postural patterning needs to take place to realign. From understanding where to put your weight in your feet to how to hold your head, The MIA Method can help every unique body find its natural state and strengthen it back to health! Our biggest defense and most challenging tool is our alignment!

Dancers and Athletes

As dancers and athletes train, we tend to favor one side, withstand injury and keep training. It is in our nature and mindset. By default, we begin to change our structure and settle into postural patterns. To come back to your postural structure, we teach a whole new level of body awareness, helping you to continue training in the sport of your choice!

Mia Donna has been a professional dance and fitness instructor since 2002. Working with different injuries, fitness levels and movement modalities has given her a deep understanding of defining and redefining the athletic body.