Our bodies communication of comfort and pain.

The key component to movement of freedom or restriction.

Mia Donna uses fascia manipulation tools to change, sculpt and "manage to eliminate" pain in the body. Fascia manipulation sessions are quickly gaining recognition in healing massage and therapy settings.

Fascia has been called by many names over the years. Scar tissue, connective tissue, cellulite, fat. In 2012, it was recognized as the largest organ in the body. Having a healthy fascia system is crucial to a healthy functioning body. It can lock your body down with holds and adhesions, cutting off blood flow and circulation. This lockdown becomes the foundation for a painful body.

To nurture healthy fascia, blood flow and free joint movement is vital. The MIA Method accesses healthy fascia through Fascia Massage, The Lagree Method and Movement Therapeutics.

Mia Donna added sports massage to her body knowledge repertoire in 2007 and brought it back into offered service in 2017 after studying fascia with Tom Meyers and Fasciablaster techniques with Ashley Black.

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