Continued Education 

Ongoing Trainings

Lagree Certifications offered every 6 months. Please contact to get on the list!

MAY 2024

May 11th-Diaphragm and Breath in Fitness 9-10amPDT  $99

The Diaphragm as a tissue, organ, muscle and “pelvic floor”.

Understanding how to incorporate breath for resilience, relaxation, rest and digest and ultimate fitness and muscle incorporation. 

Breath within the Lagree Method. 

It’s ABSsolutely Fascia May 11th 10:30-11:30amPDT $99 

Understanding the function of the core and accessibility of the core in Fitness.

Clarity on the core and how it functions in layers and new anatomy lines.

Core incorporation in the Lagree Method. 

JUNE 2024 

Fascia & Fitness 10:00am-2:30pm June 8 $299 (Before June 1st) $359 (After June 1st)

A workshop on theory, science and adaptive understanding of new anatomy as it applies to fitness. 

What is Fascia as an organ and a system?

How does fascia function in the body? Joint compression. 

Why is fascia always being trained?

The fascia trains and new anatomy.

How we can train fascia for escaping chronic pain, regaining blood flow, neurochemical feedback to the brain for improved proprioception and train the mind and body to ultimate potential. 

Understanding the Science of Lagree Shakes.

How to use fitness as a conscious therapeutic modality. 

What are the 2 additional Effective Magic Elements the Fascia adds to the Lagree System?

Equine Fascia and Nerve Intensive June 15th 11:00am-2:00pm $200                                            

Howling Wind Farms, Newberg, OR Two demos and a Q&A catered wine lunch.

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