Equestrians and Equines


Ever wonder why your horse always pushes out their right hip or runs you into the fence? Sometimes it’s not the horse! Want to up your game in the show ring, over fences or enjoy a pain-free trail ride? The answer is in your posture! Our unique misalignments, can cause a slew of mixed messages to our horses we may be unaware of. You may be off in your seat, tweaking your pelvis and causing residual back pain.


Just like humans, horses fall into bad postural habits. They avoid engaging a hip, drop the head to the ground to avoid bending at the poll, push a shoulder out when asked to transition and so much more. Putting a horse back in posture to regain healthy movement is best thing to avoid a life of injections and stall rest. Most issues can be fixed through identifying the misalignment and training the correct muscles to round out body structure paired with fascia therapy. This can be accomplished in a surcingle or under saddle. If you believe your horse could benefit from a posture analysis and session, please contact Mia!

Mia Donna has been a lifelong Equestrian and Professional Trainer for over 20 years. Her love of proper riding techniques, connection and balance in the horse, created a unique style of riding instruction focusing on posture, balance and alignment in the saddle. All riding styles, levels and breeds welcome.

Services Available

* Fascia Massage

* Posture Analysis

* Connection Guidance