Equestrians and Equines

Mia Donna Bliss – Equine Biomechanics & Fascia Manipulation Specialist 

With over two decades of professional experience in the equestrian realm, Mia Donna Bliss has forged a distinguished career marked by her profound passion for horses and innovative approaches to their care. As a youth she was always riding through the countryside and taking on rescue and rehabilitation projects. Her experience was then shaped on the Class A show circuit working with multiple breeds, where she co-managed an extensive operation of 130 horses alongside her mentor, a seasoned veterinarian. This early exposure to equine care and rehabilitation ignited her lifelong pursuit of equine wellness.

Mia Donna further enriched her knowledge through a mentorship under an equine chiropractor, which deepened her understanding of horse anatomy and rehabilitation techniques. Leveraging this expertise, she developed a pioneering method focused on fascia and biomechanical rehabilitation. This unique approach is designed to alleviate chronic pain and enhance the overall athleticism of horses, proving effective for trail and show horses, as well as those recovering from various injuries.

In addition to her skills in equine biomechanics, Mia Donna is an experienced body worker for both humans and horses, with over 15 years of practice in fascia manipulation and biomechanical correction. Although she no longer trains horses under saddle, she continues to make significant contributions to the field through biomechanical rehabilitation for horses and specialized riding lessons that improve biomechanical riding techniques for riders.

Mia Donna’s dedication to the welfare and performance of horses, coupled with her innovative approach to healing through fascia and biomechanics, makes her a pivotal figure in equine therapy and rehabilitation. She remains committed to enhancing the bond between horses and riders through education and hands-on therapeutic techniques, aiming to transform both their physical health and their collaborative potential.


Ever wonder why your horse always pushes out their right hip or runs you into the fence? Sometimes it’s not the horse! Want to up your game in the show ring, over fences or enjoy a pain-free trail ride? The answer is in your posture! Our unique misalignments, can cause a slew of mixed messages to our horses we may be unaware of. You may be off in your seat, tweaking your pelvis and causing residual back pain.


Just like humans, horses fall into bad postural habits. They avoid engaging a hip, drop the head to the ground to avoid bending at the poll, push a shoulder out when asked to transition and so much more. Putting a horse back in posture to regain healthy movement is best thing to avoid a life of injections and stall rest. Most issues can be fixed through identifying the misalignment and training the correct muscles to round out body structure paired with fascia therapy. This can be accomplished in a surcingle or under saddle. If you believe your horse could benefit from a posture analysis and session, please contact Mia!