FMM- Fascia Manipulation in Motion ~ A 50 minute layering of workout and fascia manipulation. *Must have done at least one movement session and one fascia manipulation session or be practiced in Lagree. $125

Fascia Lagree~ A 45-50 minute session of Lagree Fitness with focus on alignment and opening of the fascial lines. Intake Session $95  Following sessions $75

Fascia Manipulation Session~ A 90 minute full body manipulation combining myofascial, deep tissue, tools and cups. $150 


Fascia Manipulation: Full body manipulation combining myofascial, deep tissue and tools. Neurochemical unwinding, parasympathetic nerve response, release nerve impingent and receive insight to lameness, attitude or other unexplained issues. Intake session $125                             Following sessions $100  30 minute radius-no charge. 30-60 minute radius $25 travel fee. Over 60 miles, please inquire. 

Biomechanical Training or Riding Lessons: *Must be paired with Fascia Manipulation Session. Learn how to balance your horse through groundwork or under saddle to relieve chronic pain and reach ultimate athleticism. $75


Level 1 Lagree Fitness Certification

FMM-  Fascia Manipulation in Motion- Workshops, Sessions & Certification *Currently available to Bodyworkers who are Level 1 Lagree Certified (or other movement modality knowledge. Please inquire.)

Equine Fascia Manipulation- Workshops, Sessions & Certification