Class and Workshop Descriptions

"The Tradition of Non-Tradition" is "Unboxed Belly Dance" 


Dance Instruction:

Class Descriptions:
Come explore the roots of the World’s Oldest Dance. Belly Dance, is a great way to exercise, gain confidence, increase flexibility and learn an ancient, mystifying art! Belly Dance is for women of all shapes, sizes and age! Come awaken the Goddess within!

Foundations of Belly Dance~ Learn the posture and foundation of this powerful dance form. In this class, you will learn the basic moves of belly dance including: snakes, circles, slides, figure 8’s and shimmies.

Beyond Basics~ Continue to secure foundation moves as you begin to layer movement and move into more complex moves. You will begin to incorporate traveling, props, spins and flowing movement together.

Tribal Fusion~  Unboxed Belly Dance! Learn a new approach on transitioning isolation to naturally allow flow through your body. Drills and combinations. *Must have mastered foundation moves.

Beginner Belly Dance Workout~ This class, is structured as an aerobic workout. In this class we use belly dance isolation and drills to sculpt our bodies and strengthen our belly dance performance. A perfect compliment to beginner’s technique or just for fitness!

Intermediate Belly Dance Workout~ For dancers ready for the extra challenge in strength training to prepare for performance or take the next step in fitness enhancement. *Must have mastered foundation moves.

Advanced Belly Dance Workout~ Even the seasoned dancer has room to grow! Drills that Kill and Cardio Shimmies here. This is Belly Dance Boot Camp.

Sizzle "Dance Fitness Fusion"~ Time to shape up! This class pulls in elements of Belly Dance, African, Indian, Spanish, Jazz, Modern, and so much more! No dance experience required. Dance Fit is challenging for beginner through advanced fitness levels.

Advanced Teacher / Performer Cross Training~ For the professional to keep training! Yoga flow warm up, posture and isolation drills with muscular focus, strength training, brain scrambles to improve mind body coordination, lovely floor stretches to complete the process.

Sacred Goddess Dance~ Find prayer and purpose in movement. Realign with the divine feminine, fall in love with your body, unlock holds and release. 

Fire Arts~ Play with fire. Meet the element! Fire art is a dance in itself, learn to move while integrating heat! Poi, the art of fire spinning. Tracing, where fire meets skin. Fans, they are not for cooling down anymore!

Private~ Specialize your class. One on one, or bring a friend!


Have Skills, Will Travel.

Mia teaches workshops covering all her class focuses and also specialty workshops such as:

“Shimmies~ Muscle, Style and Variations” Define your shimmy! Explore muscle isolation to control and enhance as well as tools to strengthen and expand your range. Play with different styles and explore the unlimited shimmy possibilities!

“Milk your Muscular Movement”~ Stop cheating!!! Power your movement with muscle! Connect your moves together to create the dimension of dance that looks “effortless”.

“Layer it on!”~ Everything is better in layers! New concepts to retrain yourself into more effective layering!

“Accents Pops & Locks”~ Give new dynamic dimension to your dance with accents pops and locks!

"Listen to your Music"~ Musicality, Phrases and Bars..OH MY! The music is the guide. Understanding the music will transform your dance! Take the time and tools to learn to listen!

"Combo Drills and Layer Builds"~ From beginner to advanced, cabaret to tribal to fusion, all dancers need to review their foundation and challenge themselves to grow! In this workshop, we will build from drilling our foundation movements, into complex layering to work our body and brain! This is a fun and challenging workshop. Be ready to work it!

"Contemporary Fusion"~ Lyrical Modern and Belly Dance Unite! In this workshop, we will learn a segment of choreography that will encourage your body to move in a different way! Whether you are primarily cabaret or tribal, this movement language will break you out of the belly dance box! Modern dance is an expressive and full body dance style that encourages light airy movement and heavy contracting movement. The lyrical aspect will get us moving to the lyrics in the song and not focused strictly on counts of 8. A great workshop to expand your dance vocabulary and learn to interpret music in a different way!

*Slink-Pop*~ *Slink-Pop* is the growth of an old workshop format called, "Liquid Fusion Break Beat". It is just that!!! One combination will focus on pop and lock or "break beat". Very sharp, strong and purposeful movement. One slink combination or "liquid movement". Smooth seamless transitions that flow from one movement to next as you switch angles and stances. If we have enough time we will learn a third combination that combines Slink and Pop!

This will give you two very different feelings for your dance! These combinations can be used in cabaret style, tribal style or tribal fusion! Whatever your style is, these combos can enhance your dance!

“So much more than the Dance”~
Designed for movement teachers and students alike! This workshop is a 3 hour to 3 day intensive to study the psychological approach to why we dance, what is happening consciously, subconsciously, emotionally, physically and mentally. It explores the mind and body’s response to movement and how to become aware of what is happening. This workshop contains some movement, but really, there’s just so much more than the dance.