Meet Mia Donna


     Mia Donna has a lifetime of dancing experience. Studying ballet and jazz as a little girl and on and off through high school. After a chance meeting with a ballerina on the first day of college in 1999, she was guided into the Kent State University dance program. Within the first year, she was immersed in Modern, Jazz, Ballet and West African. As a suggestion from her African dance teacher that she was a, "Naturally born Belly Dancer", Mia found three local belly dance instructors and began classes with all three. Within two years, she was performing as a solo artist and in a troupe. One year later, she began teaching. After the Belly Dance boom in 2004, she began to travel and study with everyone she could, expanding her Cabaret and Romani roots into the new craze of Tribal Fusion. She co-founded and directed the troupe Gypsy Soul and *Star Kids*.  After graduating with a major in Exercise Science and a double minor in Dance and Psychology, she moved to Arizona in 2006.

    Once in Arizona, Mia engulfed herself in teaching dance and also moved into the field of group fitness. She trained and worked under the renowned Christi Taylor, learning how to train aspiring teachers. During this time, Mia traveled the country teaching belly dance, fitness dance, the psychology of dance and understanding music and dance connection. She also directed the troupe *SiStars of the BoomBah* and coined her dance style, "The BoomBahNique Method."

    Mia Donna is currently based in Mesa, Arizona and directing her troupe, *Nartita Tara*. She is instructing out of her home studio by night and training horses by day.